At JBS, ethics and compliance are looked on as assets. Since 2017, the Company has had a global directorate that deals with the issue of Compliance independently, reporting directly to the Board of Directors. The year 2020 was an important one for reiterating the commitment of senior management to the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the processes implemented.

JBS conducts its business ethically, with integrity.


JBS, seeking to operate in an ethical, legal and responsible manner, has undertaken several commitments to its shareholders, stakeholders and society in general.

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Code of Conduct and Policies

The Code of Conduct and Ethics provides guidance for employees so that they can behave in accordance with the Company’s dictates in every situation, indicating which conduct and behavior is acceptable and demanded by JBS.

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Ethics Line

The JBS Ethics Line serves South America, while the JBS Ethics Point receives complaints about the company’s other operations. These channels are available in 17 languages and operate on a 24/7 basis.

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Protecting food from contamination by agents that are likely to occur in the production chain.

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Compliance Program

Leadership and Governance


Appointment of Marcelo Proença as Global Compliance Officer

Launch of the Compliance Program called 'Always Do What’s Right’


Creation of seven Ethics Committees, one of them institutional, and six for each business unit in Brazil

On April 25, 2018, JBS became a signatory to The Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption of the Instituto Ethos

Due Diligence of Third Parties:


Consulting company Deloitte retained to install a software for automating due diligence of third parties.


Expansion of the due diligence methodology to JBS USA.

Risk Assessment


Upgrading of Compliance Risk Assessment


Upgrading of Risk Mapping with around 45 leaders.

Policies and Procedures


Approval from the Board of Directors for a new Global Code of Conduct and Ethics and a Business Partners Code.


Launch of the revitalized Code of Conduct and Ethics and Business Partners Code.

Evaluation and Monitoring


Participation in audits for implementing best compliance practices, undertaken by an independent company, with 97% of compliance.

Whistleblower/Complaints Channel


Launch of the outsourced Whistleblower/Complaints Channel


Launch of the Ethics Line campaign


Approaching strategic internal stakeholders about internal investigations



Setting up of 12 controls for detecting and preventing sensitive situations.

Undertaking a Conflict of Interests Survey

Undertaking a Conflict of Interests Survey for coordinators

Training and Communication


Launch of training about the Code of Conduct and Ethics for JBS USA

Holding in-person training sessions for executives

Holding training sessions about the Code of Conduct and Ethics for the Company’s administrative and operations personnel, with more than 105,000 team members having participated.


Holding training sessions about Anticorruption Practices for 16,000 team members

Running a training cycle about the Code of Conduct and Ethics 2019

Joint organization with the J&F Group of the 1 st Compliance Briefing at the Company’s head office in SP.


Running the training cycle about the Code of Conduct and Ethics 2020, including Conflict of Interest and Antitrust content.

Training about the Business Partners Code of Conduct for Livestock Farmers and Integrated Producers.


Running a training cycle about the Code of Conduct and Ethics 2021.

Holding anticorruption training.

Holding of training sessions about Moral Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination.

Briefing for leaders about how to deal with issues ranging from antitrust to labor relations

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