How We Operate In Quality And Innovation

JBS is reasserting its business strategy based on innovation, quality, customer service and relationships. The management model of the area for Responsibility to Consumers is coordinated by the Quality, R&D and Innovation departments of the respective businesses who define the guidelines, indicators and priorities for investment in research, food safety and quality.

To achieve this objective in the 15 countries where the company operates, abiding by local regulatory requirements and global standards of quality, the company relies on the Global Food Safety and Quality Assurance Department headquartered in the United States.

Each Business Unit has a team specialized in Food Quality and Safety, responsible for implementing the area’s policies and guidelines locally, considering the operation in four fronts: Food Safety, Food Quality, Food Fraud, and Food Defense. The area leaders supervise all Food Safety and Quality Assurance Programs from each Unit, working in collaboration with the Global Department.

The company also relies on the Global Department for Excellence and Innovation and the Global Innovation Team (GIT), which came into existence in 2018 to encourage teams to exchange experiences. So, in addition to leveraging the competitive advantages of JBS, the GIT fosters the sharing of experiences among the business units on the five continents where the company is present, which promotes the sharing of innovative practices.

The Company also runs the JBS Global Center for Innovation in Food, a partnership with the Colorado State University (CSU). The Center is a teaching and research unit dedicated to enhancing food safety, beef sciences, animal welfare, and the development education and training actions, as well as equipment testing.

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