Technology and Processes

Through continuous investments in research and cutting-edge technologies, the Company's innovative culture is present in the development of new products, in the monitoring of raw materials and in manufacturing operations.

The Company maintains laboratories specialized in microbiological and biotechnology analyses in its units around the world, providing food safety indicators to its different brands and ensuring product quality. By modernizing the infrastructure and equipment used, JBS manages to have increasingly precise results and smaller analysis times.

Another focus from JBS is the constant Team qualification, to ensure that the Team Members follow the best Food Safety and Quality practices in all Company processes.

JBS, in partnership with the Colorado State University (CSU), has built the JBS Global Food Innovation Center, an education and research unit that allows the Company to further advance in enhancing food safety, meat sciences, and animal welfare practices. The Center also carries out education and training actions, as well as develops equipment tests.


JBS products around the world need to meet different labeling requirements, in compliance with local legislations and according to good market practices.

In labels, information such as food composition, nutritional tables, net weight, best by dates and other manufacturing details help consumers assess the quality of the product presented.

In the Brazilian operation, the products must have the seal from the Ministry of Agriculture’s Federal Inspection Service (SIF), and also meet demands from the National Sanitary Inspection Agency (Anvisa), such as detailing eventual allergens contained in foods.

In the United States, the seal is granted by the United States Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA, FSIS). The information included in the label varies according to the product and place, but range from method of preparation to details of composition, dietary supplements like vitamins, minerals and fibers, and statement of presence of allergens.

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