Global Management Structure


JBS is constantly improving its Corporate Governance practices, with the goal of creating value, building trust with shareholders, investors and other stakeholders, and generating sustainable results throughout the value chain.

The Governance structure established by JBS is constantly developed and enhanced, to ensure transparency in all its relationships. It is comprised of the Board of Directors, Global Compliance Board, a permanent Fiscal Committee, and by advisory committees that work on specific themes considered strategic by the Company.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the highest Governance organization in the Company. Currently, it is comprised of nine members, being one chairman, one vice-president, and seven effective members appointed as independent directors, as defined on article 16, paragraph 3, of the Company Bylaws.

The Board Members, elected on a general shareholders meeting for unified two-year terms, are responsible for defining business policies and guidelines, as well as economic, social and environmental goals, in addition to monitoring the Company performance and supervising the Board management.

To know the members of the Board of Directors from JBS, please click here.

Shareholder Structure

JBS’ stock is traded in Brazil on B3’s Novo Mercado, a listing segment made up of companies committed to voluntarily complying with Corporate Governance practices above and beyond those required by law. Of the issued shares, 30,36% are held by minority shareholders, exceeding the 25% required by Novo Mercado regulations. Additionally, the share capital is comprised exclusively of common shares, which grants equal rights to all shareholders.

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