Know the value chain of JBS in the beef segment:

JBS produces and sells beef through two Business Units: Friboi, in Brazil, and JBS USA Beef, present in the United States, Canada and Australia.

In Brazil, most of the livestock breeding is done extensively. Tostrengthen and enhance the relationship with its suppliers, JBS also establishes long-term contracts and develops programs that involve periodic visits, distribution of content and sharing of information ranging from nutritional issues to animal welfare.

In other countries, the livestock breeding it is based on animal feedlot.


A beef processor, focused on fresh and value-added products, it offers foods that serve a wide variety of consumer profiles and needs. It is present in over 150 countries and it is the most exported Brazilian beef brand around the world.

Leader in the Brazilian beef market, the company runs its business based on the guarantee of origin, quality and safety of the food delivered to the consumer, from animal welfare to the final product, adopting best sustainability practices throughout its value chain.

The Friboi Business Unit owns some of Brazil’s best known beef brands, such as Friboi – Brazil’s market leader – 1953 Friboi, Maturatta, Do Chef, Reserva e Swift Black:


JBS USA Beef is the largest beef company in the world and is focused on beef, lamb and prepared foods production and distribution in the United States, Canada and Australia (through Primo).

JBS USA Beef includes nine beef production facilities in the U.S. split into two business units: fed beef and regional beef. Our four fed beef facilities are strategically located near traditional cattle production centers in the U.S. to ensure access to high-quality, fed cattle, while our five regional beef facilities are located in strategic areas close to major population centers to increase our flexibility to meet the evolving needs of discerning customers.

The business has fresh products in its portfolio, which leading, acknowledged brands targeted both to local markets and to exports, such as Swift, 5Star, 1855, Great Southern, Grass Run Farms, Primo, among others.

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