Materiality and Stakeholder Engagement

Thanks to the diversity of their operations, the Businesses and areas from JBS determine their own goals and procedures to achieve a more sustainable production, including the development of policies that comply with standards from the country and the industry.

The same occurs in relation to processes for discussion and engagement with stakeholders, built locally, based on legitimate relationships oriented at the Company’s sustainable development.

This multiplicity of realities and approaches is unified by the Company values, by the precautionary principle and by the materiality matrix, which presents the four sustainability topics that are priority for JBS and its stakeholders.

For developing the sustainability materiality matrix, methodologies and conditions of the Company operations around the world were taken into account, determined from interviews with top executives from JBS. The result from these conversations was crossed with the interviews conducted with representatives from the Company’s main stakeholders (investors, suppliers, customers from domestic and foreign markets, government and civil organizations), and determined using the criterion of high level of requirement in topics related to sustainability and legitimacy with their categories.

From this diagnosis, materiality matrices were developed for each Business. Based on them, in a forum comprised of sustainability teams from all regions, the four pillars that best represent the global challenges the Company faces were mapped:

Product Integrity

Social Responsibility social

Environmental Stewardship

Animal Welfare

Due to this methodology, targeted at obtaining consensus, the materiality from JBS has no weighing or prioritization. The four themes are vitally important for developing the strategy and conducting the company’s actions. In addiction, JBS manages sustainability in alignment with the international scenario and UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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