Water Management

The management of water resources it is in the foundation of the JBS production chain and is essential for animal and vegetal production (food for the animal chain), in addition to ensuring the sanitary standards of processes and products, as well as area, equipment and utensil cleanliness.

The sustainable use of this resource, therefore, is apriority to all Company plants, as well as the development of strategies and projects to ensure maximum efficiency in water use and reuse, in addition to minimizing the need for new collection sources.

The work routines in Brazil follow the Sustainable Water Management Program (PGSA), supervised by a Committee. The Program includes in its attributions:

  • Identify the critical and priority JBS plants and hydrographic micro basins;

  • Develop projects, define allocation of investments and establish goals for reducing the water consumption in production processes;

  • Engage leaderships and Team Members;

  • Develop innovative solutions for water reuse.

We acknowledge that water scarcity is an important issue and that this is a fundamental resource to ensure constant, consistent and high-quality global food supply.We embrace our responsibility to reduce the use of water and make efforts to improve our monitoring in each facility at JBS and prioritize the reductions in use, preserving our high standards of food safety and sanitary conditions.

The Company also reports its water performance and management every year to CDP Water.


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