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Clomid vs injectables

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    Clomid vs injectables

    Hubby and I are to the point where we're ready to do IUI. When I called the RE, I was told we have two options: with clomid or with injectables. Injectables raise the success rate, but also the multiples rate. We're fine with twins, but hubby is petrified of more than that (although we would still be very happy). For those of you who have done IUI, which route did you choose and how did you decide? My first clinic initially had us do 3 rounds of clomid and then switched us to injectables. On our first try with injectables we got pregnant with twin boys actually. They told us that if we triggered on the first night we might catch one egg and if we waited one more night to trigger we might get two or three eggs. xanax craigslist I was taking Clomid for several cycles and am now moving to injectables for IVF. I was wondering is there any relationship between response to Clomid and stims? Like, if one's follicles mature quickly on Clomid, is the same likely to happen on stims as well? I will learn all I need to know within next 2 weeks, but I am curious to see what people's experiences are. I thought there would be some relationship as well. On clomid I had four very good looking follicles each time and no luck whatsoever. My doc was happy with my clomid response though so I went into IVF thinking I would be one of those women who get 15 follicles on injectibles. After much tweaking and adding two extra days of stims we managed to get 6 follicles ( and that was iffy, dr had hoped for 3 or 4 after what we saw by day 6, I squeezed in two acupuncture sessions which may have helped). If I ever do IVF again (big if), Im going to try natural cycle.

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    So, our 2nd IUI with Clomid and Ovidrel was last cycle, with only one mature follicle, which ended in a chemical pregnancy. I was in rough shape. viagra with money order Hoping those that have experience with IUI and the meds that go along with it, can help me out. I just did my first IUI with clomid my last cycle and I got. Discount On Prescriptions To American Citizens. We Provide Maximum Privacy Protection Whilst You Order. Clomid Vs Injectables Fertility. Provides Free.

    Aurik Jewels offers an unparalleled level of service and many of your questions may be answered below. Since we’re moving onto IUI#4, I wanted to do some research on Clomid vs. I came across the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago website that provided the following statistics that I thought might be worth sharing: Most pregnancies resulting from insemination with the male partner’s sperm occur in the first 3 attempts. The chances for success per month drop off after about 3 attempts and drop considerably more after about 4-5 unsuccessful attempts. Therefore, IUI treatment is usually recommended for a maximum of about 3 or 4 tries. An excellent study published in 1998 reviewed results from 45 other published studies of fertility treatments for unexplained infertility. The study attempted to determine an “average success rate” for various forms of fertility treatment for couples with unexplained infertility. I ovulate on my own, we have normal sperm, and I’m about to have my fourth IUI. This will be my fourth month on Clomid, this time at 150mg which I believe is the maximum dosage. If this cycle doesn’t work, I’m pretty sure we’ll try more IUIs before considering moving on to IVF.

    Clomid vs injectables

    IUI with Injectables vs. Clomid infertility - Reddit, Clomid vs. Injectables for IUI - Fertility and Trying to Conceive.

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